This is the link for tonight's game.
about 14 hours ago, Edmunds Central School District
School will be dismissing at 12:30 next week Tuesday-Thursday, conferences will start at 1pm all 3 days.
about 12 hours ago, Edmunds Central School District
Counseling services provided by Northeastern Mental Health Center will be available to Edmunds Central students beginning as soon as Monday, October 18th. The plan moving forward is for a counselor to be available to students on Monday of each week. Parents will need to provide written consent before their student can access this service. We are asking that you please contact the school office if you are interested in utilizing or learning more about this service.
9 days ago, Kevin Kunz
The district is in search of substitute teachers for the current school year. The position pays $100 per day ($50 for a half-day). The rate of pay increases to $120 per day ($60 for a half-day) after working for eight (8) cumulative days. Certified substitute teachers earn an additional $20 per day. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a substitute teacher, please contact Superintendent Kevin Kunz (287-4251 or
23 days ago, Kevin Kunz
Fourth Grade Art
24 days ago, Edmunds Central School District
Fourth graders create flower vases in Art using a variety of textures
Fourth Grace creates flower vases  using a variety of textures and materials
Kindergarten Art Class
24 days ago, Edmunds Central School District
The Kindergarten class works on fishtanks in Art
Kindergarten creates fish for their fishtanks
Staff, students, and visitors are asked to park in the south parking lot this week. The north parking lot will be used for loading and unloading buses as a result of the street work taking place on the east side of the building.
25 days ago, Kevin Kunz
Here is the link for the live feed for any games held in Roscoe.
about 2 months ago, Edmunds Central School District