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  • About OSEC: The Oahe Special Education Cooperative provides Special Education services in the areas of Resource Room instruction, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Early Childhood Special Education instruction, Psychological evaluations for students, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in schools in its member districts.  The schools that belong to the Oahe Special Education Cooperative (OSEC) are as follows: Bowdle, Eureka, Edmunds Central, Eureka, Herreid, Hoven, Selby, and SMEE. 

    Early Childhood Special Education Instruction:  Educational instruction is available for children ages three to six who have a developmental delay or have other qualifying criteria.  Services focus on learning self-help skills such as dressing and feeding; academic skills such as counting and learning the letters of the alphabet; and gross and fine motor skills such as catching a ball and holding a crayon correctly.

    Resource Room instruction is available for school aged children in grades kindergarten through twelve.  Students with learning disabilities, cognitive or orthopedic impairments, and hearing or vision loss benefit from specialized instruction to teach reading and math skills as well as academic support for general curriculum in their classrooms. Once children are 16 years of age, transition services which are aimed at giving them the skills to find employment, live independently, and seek post-secondary education options are addressed.

    Speech and Language Therapy is available for children of all ages who qualify for services. Children who are not easily understood, do not talk in complete sentences, or stutter might require services from a Speech/Language Pathologist.

    Physical Therapy is aimed at helping children develop their muscles for large movements such as walking, running, and playing while Occupational therapy focuses on muscles for fine motor skills such as dressing, drawing, and printing.

    OSEC’S Goal: To provide students with the necessary tools and resources in order to become successful adults.

    OSEC’S Staff who are employed at Edmunds Central:

    Roberta Wessels: Special Education Teacher

    Heidi Heinrich: Speech/Language Therapist

    Karri Malsam: Special Education para-professional in Resource Room

    Kelly Froning: Special Education para-professional at Boulder Colony

    Kayla Pietz: Special Education para-professional at Edmunds Central



    Contact OSEC at:


    PO Box 97

    Java  SD   57542-0097

    (605) 649-6296



    Mary Austad



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    Lori Lutz



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