Athletic Department

  • Athletic Poster

  • As we start another year of school, we also start another year of athletics. Each year we strive to improve on the prvious year's accomplishments. This year, we have several new faces in our athletic department. Below is the staff of our athletics.

    • Cross Country - Angie Preszler
    • Volleyball - Shauna Hinz
    • Football - Cody Wesch
    • Girls Basketball - Barb Gienger and Ashley Lunders
    • Boys Basketball - Scott Heyne
    • Track - Angie Preszler and Sarah Wesch
    • Golf - David Hettick
    • Athletic Director - Jennifer Heyne

    Our staff has been working very hard with their teams, even in the off season, to get ready to compete during the season. We are excited for our new gym and we want to have quality teams to compete in that gym. We are aslo trying to build a successful relationship with our footbal coop and strong programs in our cross country, track, and golf sports. We not only want to encourage good competition, but also good sportmanship. Whether we are on the winning side or losing side at the end of the compeition, we want to be humble about it.

    Some eye catching things you might see at some of our indoor sporting events will be team banners hanging in the gym and new colored programs. We want to be presetable to everyone that comes to our school. Our team pride meas a lot and we need to do a few things to improve that.

    We hope to see everyone in the gym or at our outside sports sometime this year. We appreicate everyones support.

    Thank You,

    Jennifer Heyne

    Athletic Director