• Dear Edmunds Central Schools Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members:

    I would like to take this opportunity to say I am honored and excited to have been selected as your Superintendent of Schools. Coming, as I do, as an educator my entire professional life, I assure you that I appreciate the unique opportunity and the enormous responsibility that goes with the job.

    My guiding principle as your Superintendent is based on the belief that every child can and will attain the education and skills necessary to achieve their dreams of a meaningful and bright future. I am humbled and grateful to the Board members for placing their faith in me, and I intend to work in partnership with them in guiding this district forward.

    I have had the opportunity to play many diverse roles over my 30 plus year career, and those experiences have prepared me to lead our school district to meet the high expectations the community demands and our students deserve. This incredible journey has taught me to appreciate the work of educators and support staff, and to value the strength of a unified Board and community.

    Our focus in Edmunds Central School District remains constant. We believe all children can learn. We care about each and every student, and we aim to show it by providing our best efforts as teachers, administrators, mentors, and advocates to our entire student population. Our schools must continue to be safe places where students are engaged, challenged to meet the standards necessary for college or a career, and where fun is definitely encouraged. We want students to build productive and sustaining relationships, and know that our sole purpose is to support them as they become the productive citizens we know they can be.

    I am excited about what is to come and I hope that you are too. Delivering excellence is still our top priority and I look forward to achieving that goal together.

    Thank you.